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Today, Africa represents 59% of the world’s 300 million francophones. In 2060, that number will increase to 85%, with 850 million French speakers.

There are more French-speaking Christians on the African continent than in the rest of the world.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Christianity has become the most widely practiced religion (63%) ahead of Islam (30%) and traditional beliefs.

For over 20 years, Africa has been the continent with the fastest growth of Christians.


Did you know, Canada is the third country where French is  an official language after France, DR. Congo and Morocco? In terms of the number of people speaking French in the country, Canada is ranked 7th after France, DR. Congo, Algeria, Morocco, Germany and Italy.



 The average gross income in Togo is $110 per month!

Students pay fees that are used to cover a small portion of campus needs. The main part is being financed by missionary donations and professors already supported by their respective mission (the USA, France, Switzerland and Canada).

Monthly donations represent generally a two- or four-year commitment. The monthly donation is recommended because it covers the personal allowance but also the costs of ministries (support for the school, travel within Africa, administrative costs of international missions office, insurance, etc.).

Support of other ministries. Because of the great needs in Togo, Anne and Jonathan also help some ministries they have visited (Bible schools, schools for orphans, medical centers, etc.). The amount of this support is conditional to the global support received. 

  • There are two ways to support.
    • a one-time donation or
    • a recurring monthly donation.
  • Most partners choose monthly donations which allow regular support that makes a difference regardless of the amount.


(2 Timothy 2:2)

For fifty years WAAST, an international school in Lomé, Togo, in West Africa, has served all French-speaking Africans as well as English and French speakers in West and Central Africa.  WAAST’s mission is to train Africa’s church leaders to accomplish missio dei, the mission of God.  

By training the trainers of the church leaders, its Bible School directors and teachers, multitudes are directly or indirectly impacted with the missionary message. 

Jonathan’s ministry at WAAST which began in 2009, has impacted over 600,000 Christians by training leaders who, in turn ,teach in local churches and bible schools.  

By your supporting Jonathan and Anne Bersot’s ministry at WAAST, you facilitate the training and equipping of many church leaders from French-speaking countries for a strategic mission on the continent.

Let’s work together on theological education
in French Africa