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Since 2009, Jonathan has been teaching pastors, teachers, Bible School directors and leaders of national movements from over twenty French-speaking African countries.

The impact is huge when we consider that most of these students also teach in several Bible schools to train and equip pastors to reach the unreached in their own countries. 

A PhD in French

Pan-Africa Theological Seminary (PAThS) is hosted on WAAST Campus in Togo and offers several doctoral programs. Other campuses of PAThS are in Tanzania and Nigeria.

For many years, no doctoral programs were offered in French, but in 2022 PAThS have launched a doctoral degree in French. Since 2018, Dr. Jonathan Bersot sits on the French committee of this new program.  

Dr. Jonathan Bersot serves as Professor and Thesis Coordinator for PAThS, thus launching the first doctoral degree in French for all Africa. French-speaking students previously had no other option than to study in English for a PhD in Pentecostal theology.  

Dr. Jonathan Bersot will collaborate with scholars from the USA, France, Switzerland, Togo, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Gabon, etc.  


(2 Timothy 2:2)

For fifty years WAAST, an international school in Lomé, Togo, in West Africa, has served all French-speaking Africans as well as English and French speakers in West and Central Africa.  WAAST’s mission is to train Africa’s church leaders to accomplish missio dei, the mission of God.  

By training the trainers of the church leaders, its Bible School directors and teachers, multitudes are directly or indirectly impacted with the missionary message. 

Jonathan’s ministry at WAAST which began in 2009, has impacted over 600,000 Christians by training leaders who, in turn, teach in local churches and bible schools.  

By your supporting Jonathan and Anne Bersot’s ministry at WAAST, you facilitate the training and equipping of many church leaders from French-speaking countries for a strategic mission on the continent.

Let’s work together on theological education
in French Africa