Equipping Africa’s Top Church Leaders

Be involved in this great strategic mission by committing yourself to support the Bersot in prayers. Any financial support will also contribute to the development of the French-speaking Church in Africa.

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To be able to leave in 2021 to Togo and teach more Africa’s Church Leaders, we need 135 monthly partners with a $ 50 (39 USD) monthly donation. For more information click here.

actual partners
Jonathan Bersot

Jonathan Bersot

Lead pastor for 20 years
Adjunct Faculty in Togo since 2009
Academic Dean at IBQ (2011 - 2020)
Executif Director at EMCI TV (2017 - 2020)
President of IBQ (present)
PAOC Global Worker

Anne Bersot

Anne Bersot

In Ministry for 20 years
PAOC Ordained Minister
Chief Editor for Top féminin (2003 - 2007)
Writer for Top Chrétien
TV columnist at EMCI TV (2014 - 2020)
PAOC Global Worker

We are ready to move to Lomé in Togo (the borders are open with some COVID constraints). As soon as missionary fund reaches 100%, we can leave.

Missionary fund
Received 97%


The mission is huge and there are few workers but together we can make a difference. Equipping Church Top Leaders in Africa will strengthen churches in the Scriptures but also help them to be effective in their mission to reach the unreached.

Partner with us

We need prayers. The newsletter allows us to share our prayer needs with you.

We also need financial support. As soon as we reach 100% of our missionary fund, we will be able to move to Lomé to works with the WAAST's team.

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